Our Works

VR Metro Web Design has created hundreds of web sites of many sizes and styles for all types of businesses. Each website that we develop is a unique custom site, designed to convey your message and reach your intended target. Introductory websites, complete e-Commerce catalog sites, sub-contracted projects, application development, project management and more! We have done them all for nearly two decades. Below are just a few examples demonstrating the types of web sites we build, host and promote. Please contact us or call to set up a conference or meeting to discuss your project.

Mobile and Responsive Sites

In this ever increasing mobile world, you need a website that responds to mobile devices. Our custom built templates are responsive designed. What that means is you site will adjust to which ever screen size that is viewing it. So it does not matter what a person is looking at your site on, be it a tablet, desktop or a phone.  You can rest assured your website will be optimized for that device. Below is a gallery of renderings of how some of our designs adjust to mobile devices.

Website Options

Basic Website These introduction websites are aimed to establish a lite but solid online presence. Also most of these introductory sites contain less than ten web pages which usually include a page for listing services, history of the business, and a contact or feedback form. These may or may not be designed within a content management system (CMS).

Intermediate Website Intermediate sites are for those businesses who want to achieve more than a basic internet presence. Intermediate sites such as these, with the help of marketing programs and web promotions, can help drive more traffic to your business through your website.

CMS (Content Management System)CMS websites are designed with software that will enable the owner of the website to update and edit the content within the site on their own if they choose. With easy to use administration and the ability to readily add services and features they can be used for anything from building a basic web presence to developing large corporate sites rendering thousands of pages.

Municipal SitesMunicipal sites are government owned and operated sites, such as city, county or state government service websites. Many of the municipal sites are feature rich and full of great content for all of their clients.

Electronic Commerce Website E-commerce or eCommerce websites as they are commonly referred to, provide buying or selling of products or services directly through your website. VR Metro Web Design covers a broad spectrum of functions related to eCommerce. We help clients with just a few items to those with several thousands. We use licensed software that can provide just basic features or can be enhanced to provide many value adding features. Our eCommerce solutions, like everything else we do, is customized to help you manage your online business cost effectively.