Search Engine Keywords

Up to 85% of all traffic to a web site coming from search engines. It is very important that your site be designed to achieve its maximum potential for high search engine placement. Design in this instance does not refer to how pretty a site is. Furthermore design refers to good web site content and the proper use of keyword phrases within that content.

Design also includes the proper use of meta tags, page title, image alt and title tags, link name tags and a number of other elements within a web page that may or may not be visible to the casual reader. All play an important role in how search engine bots see a website. They scan web pages and apply their algorithmic formula to determine where or if that web page and website will place in their search results. Through good initial design and the application of web site optimization techniques, your site may very well beat the competition for higher rankings.

Why is design optimization so important?

Well let’s start out by understanding that search engines have no obligation to list your site. There objective is to make money from paid advertisement. The way they make more money is to make their respective search engine more popular. Popularity is achieved through providing good and relevant search results to visitors and of course along with those relevant results are their own advertisements. Those being sponsored listings that they collect on every time a visitor clicks through. Therefore, it is very important to the search engine to make sure that the results that they deliver are highly relevant.

Web site relevancy comes in the form of providing useful information about a subject. Relevancy does not come from the fact that you sell widgets, since there are hundreds or thousands of others that sell widgets too. However, if you sell widgets and can provide additional useful information about widgets, then a search engine is more likely to take notice of your site and in effect give your business a good recommendation.

Search Engine Keywords On Page Placement

So does your site need to have hundreds of pages to be indexed well? Not necessarily. We’ve all seen sites that are kind of like most politicians. You know, the ones that can talk for hours yet never say anything worth remembering? We’ve also encountered people that say very little yet provide a wealth of information. Your web site can be short, sweet and to the point with relevant information. There is a place for wordy pages and our SEO experts know exactly how to construct them using the proper keyword phrases, so search engines see them as rich relevant content.

Proper web site optimization and search engine submission can be likened to one of those roadside signs that are bought or rented to put in front of a business. It doesn’t do much good for you to spend hundreds of dollars on a sign that doesn’t say anything about the business. The sign that you put up should be one that gives an indication of the nature of your business or special you are trying to bring people in for. Just as the one or two descriptive lines of text that appear in search engine results placements should entice the right visitors to click through to your website.

If you are considering the creation of a new web site, or if your current web site is not performing to your expectations, then be sure to contact us. We are experts in effective overall design of web sites that deliver positive results to their owners. With the right plan your site can attract quality visitors and improve your business.