Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) has been around for a while and has become the primary revenue source for most search engines. When advertising via PPC, a web site owner will determine which keywords they want their ads to show up under, when someone does a search for their terms. They typically set up campaigns and bid on placements.

Each time a surfer clicks on your sponsored link, you pay. How much you pay varies on the search term popularity and some other factors. The most popular PPC model comes from Google with their AdWords.

Google Ad Words

Should I do PPC?

There is a whole science on how to manage Adword campaigns and the whether or not you should do them really depends on a number of things. What industry are you competing in? Insurance agents for example have to compete with some insurance companies that drive the price of keywords up to very high levels. Are you only competing locally? How much time and experience do you have? And of course your advertising budget is a major factor.

We will advise you on a PPC campaign. In this regard we act as consultants. Obviously they do work under the right circumstances. In many cases PPC campaigns are combined with a web promotion programs targeting keyword phrases for organic search result placements. As your consultant we will discuss your options and upon your request evaluate and establish a program for your business within a budget you establish. Please contact us to request more information and schedule a consultation.