Google Business Changes in 2024

Google business changes 2024

Throughout 2023 and now into 2024, there have been several changes to Google Business. With these changes, concerns about how it will affect businesses and their SEO abound. In this article  VR Metro gives some insight on  these new updates or changes for 2024.

Deactivation of Google Business Websites

Google is phasing out the websites created through Google Business Profiles. Originally, these websites were generated using the information from the best business profile. For businesses, this provided them the ability to presence online without going through extensive web development. These websites are slated to be turned off at the beginning of March. People attempting to access the website after this date will be redirected to the business profile. This consolidates the information. If you do not have one of these websites, these changes will not affect you. This redirect will only exist till June 10, 2024. Then it will read ‘Page Not Found.’

New Features

Although Google is phasing out its websites, they are adding new features to enhance local SEO. Google Business Profiles now have the ability to add social media profiles to their account. This allows businesses to expand their engagement by connecting them with their social media. You can also start managing your business profile directly on Google. There are also new chatting features that will allow customers to communicate directly with the business profile. By enabling the chat feature, customers can contact you at any time.

Less Insight Data

At the beginning of the year, Google added a notice stating that you will see fewer direction requests. Google has stated that this was due to wanting to protect privacy and give you more accurate results. It is still to be seen if this will affect businesses or local SEO.

Business Website Development

If you are affected by the deactivation of the Google Business websites, we can help develop a professional WordPress website for you! Contact us to see how we can help you!

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