IT Continuing Education and Training

IT Continuing Education

In any IT field, such as web development, app development, or many others, the technology is always changing. Sometimes it feels like it is changing daily. It can feel like a full time job just to stay on top of all.

I always get asked how do you stay on top of some of the latest trends and code? It is not easy, but I put together some of the resources we use and we always love to hear from you in the comments below on some of the methods you use.

Peers Are A Great Resource

Peers in your industry are always great source for learning new trends or projects. Meeting with people from other companies in the same field as you, can lead to some interesting conversations. A peer of ours is leaning heavily into Roku channel development, which then opens the door about that and process it goes through. So by opening dialog with peers it can lead to different avenues you may not of considered in your everyday work.

Industry Blogs

Industry blogs that stay current with current trends are a great resource for inspiration. Blogs such as Designmodo or Smashing Magazine have great information on the latest and greatest in web design and web development.

IT Continuing Education Training Sites

Once you find new trends or coding that interest you on blog and news sites, you may want to learn the code you do not know. That is where educational training sites come in handy, sites like Udemy or Tuts+ are great places for quick affordable lessons in your desired subject. Of course local colleges also offer classes in many IT subjects but pricing can get a little high for those, so it would really depend on your budget and time you can commit.

Trial and Error

Some people just learn much faster doing things hands on (myself included). A great way to learn is setting up a test site nobody sees but you. For trying new things, like Javascript, PHP or what ever coding you want to learn. By experimenting on your own with no client breathing down your neck, is a great way to learn.

There are other options out there, such as hiring a IT support person to teach you. Also any number of numerous books that are available on almost any subject. If you are looking for IT support or web services give VR Metro a call today at 734-729.7082.

You can also use our easy form and see what we can provide for you and your company!

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