Why VR Metro?

Why VR Metro?

Customer Service

VR Metro Customer ServiceAt VR Metro we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. If you have any issue we are reachable by phone or email, and always work hard to find a solution. We understand how valuable your time and business is. Our clients are accustomed to fast response and quick resolution.


Web development ExperienceWe have been in the Internet Marketing and Website Development business for nearly 20 years. VR Metro has the unique advantage of understanding old programming as well as the latest technologies. So, whether you have a Perl based e-commerce site or you need your own Roku streaming channel, we can help.


Flexible Internet agency programsEvery business is unique. That may seem obvious, but most Internet agencies tend to present services or packages as if you were buying a gift basket online. After receiving your request for quote, we call and discuss your business with you. We will present a program that addresses your current need, fits your budget and is flexible by design.


Adapt to change in technologyTechnology and the Internet are constantly changing. Staying on top of the latest technologies and trends is in our job description. We research and adapt to frequent Search engine, Social Media and Web Design changes, bringing a level of expertise that will keep your business on top of it!


Strong Local presenceVR Metro offices are located in Westland, Michigan. Our clients in the Metro Detroit area are accustomed to stopping in. We talk as frequently with our clients in; Texas, Arkansas and Florida, on the East Coast and in the Midwest. We know how to make you strong wherever the “local” is.


Care about your businessWe are entrepreneurs that have over 30 years of business management experience with strong business acumen. We care about your business. Regardless of their age or experience, all of our team members get satisfaction by doing their job well.