Social Media

Social Media

Facebook and YouTube have become major forces on the internet. Social Media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have become a great way to increase traffic to your website, and more traffic means more eyes seeing your products or services. First of all, we know that most business owners are very busy. So due to their bust schedules they just do not have time to stay current on social media.

That is why our social media programs are great for the busy business owner. Also we can work with you to help maintain your presence. Social Media is pretty important these days. The days of just avoiding social media totally is over. Every business needs to maintain some type of social media, whether that be Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or which ever you choose. Millions upon millions of people use some form of social media every day. To avoid those potential customers is a bad business decision.

Examples Of Social Media Content

We can help you build quality animated commercials to help promote your business and brand. In addition to videos and animation, we can help implement online contests or surveys. We can help with social content such as:

  • Postings
  • Links
  • Set Up
  • Contests
  • Advertising
  • Surveys
  • And Much More!

At VR Metro we offer a wide array of Social Media services. We can create a package that best works for you and your company. Whether it is a YouTube Channel or a custom Facebook Fan Page, let VR Metro help you promote your website.

Media Consulting

There are some areas that we don’t typically venture into. However, being in business since 1996 we keep up with the trends and know how to solve problems. Our consulting services combine the things we can do well and areas we don’t have as much experience. In that respect, we act as a representative of your company and a team member to find the best solutions. Services like Roku channel development, Mobile App creation, and even Broadcast Media infrastructure.

For more details and to make an appointment today contact us or give us a call at 734-729-7082