WordPress Plugin: Facepress

Wordpress Plugin Facepress

You ever wish, that once you post a article to your Wordpress blog that it would automatically post to Facebook? The old proverbially two birds with one stone. Well recently we found a solution to that problem, the Wordpress plugin Facepress II.

Cubecart Tutorial: Categories

Cubecart Categories

Before you start making categories of your products in Cubecart, take time to really plan out the order in which you want it to display. The navigation in Cubecart is based on your categories, so setting up your categories properly is an important step, that sometimes gets over looked.



For many companies, they want to sell products online.  The only problem with that, is they do not know where to start. Most business owners want a feature rich cart as elaborate as Amazon, but fail to realize the sheer size and amount of money it would take to do that.