WordPress Plugin: Facepress

Wordpress Plugin Facepress

You ever wish, that once you post an article to your WordPress blog that it would automatically post to Facebook? The old proverbially two birds with one stone. Well recently we found a solution to that problem, the WordPress plugin Facepress II.

This plugin is easy to install and easy to use. the first step is to download it from their website or from the WordPress directory. Then simply install it just like any other plugin, by uploading the zip file.

Once uploaded and activated, you will have to go to the settings tab to set up the connection to Facebook. You simply copy the email Facebook assigns you under your mobile settings, then paste them into the Facepress settings, click the test button to make sure it is working.

The reason for choosing Facepress, is the simple install. There other Facebook posting plugins but they require making an App through Facebook and they do not work half the time. Facepress is the most reliable.

Now there is one thing you might run into. If your site is hosted on a older server, you may run into a communication issue between your site and Facebook. Your server admin or local host may need to adjust some settings. Other than that, I do not see any downside to this plugin.

Also the plugin has Twitter options as well.  So start posting and blogging all at once!


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