Halloween Season Is Here!

Happy Halloween

The fall is upon us and with the ending of September, begins the Halloween Season! Days are cooler and stores are stocking up on your favorite ghost and ghouls costumes, as well as candy and treats. Halloween in America has become a major money making business. Americans spend anywhere from 2.5 to 6 billion each […]

Technology Let’s Any Company Have A National Presence

With technology in this day and age, almost any company can have a national presence or even a global presence.  Before the internet became such a mainstream tool, becoming a national company was very hard to do. You needed large distribution and advertising budgets to become more nationally known. Globally was even harder and more […]

Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center

Until VR Metro was referred to us by a marketing expert we had hit a plateau.  With VR Metro’s support and suggestions we were able to get our business to grow again.  The company is run very professionally and working with the staff is very comfortable.  They took the time to understand our business and […]