For many companies, they want to sell products online.  The only problem with that, is they do not know where to start. Most business owners want a feature rich cart as elaborate as Amazon, but fail to realize the sheer size and amount of money it would take to do that.

For small to medium size businesses, there are hundreds of carts to choose from. But before buying a cart, I would suggest getting a experienced web developer or team to help you install and operate your cart (like VR Metro) .

Like I said, there are many options to choose from in the cart world, the one we prefer is Cubecart. The reason we choose it is because it is reasonably priced, able to expand with mods and has an easier user interface. That’s not to say its the best out there, there are new ones everyday, and if you find a great cart please share it in our comment section.

Cubecart is currently on it’s fifth version, but most still use version 4 because there are more available mods for it.  You may ask what is a mod? A mod is similar to a plugin in WordPress, its usually a third party coding that adds new functionality to your site, like a slideshow or special shipping.

Cubecart offers all the features you need to get started, like Paypal, gate way integration, shipping integration, categories for products and sale items.  Now the biggest mistake business owners make is not to keep up wit their online store. There’s this big misconception that once the site is up, just walk away and it will run its self.

Let me ask this, if you own a brick and mortar store would you not put time and money into it? Of course you would, and you have to treat your online store the same way. The number one reason online stores fail is from neglect.

Also be prepared to upgrade when needed. Like I said, Cubecart is on version 5, so do not expect to buy it and never upgrade anything for 10 years, that’s not how things work on the web. There is always new features and security reasons to keep your software up to date.

Is Cubecart the perfect eCommerce solution? Of course not, but you will find flaws in every system out there, if there was one perfect one we would all be using it. Next week I am going to give a small tutorial on how to up date your products in Cubecart.

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