Don’t Underestimate The Power of SEO

Don't Underestimate The Power of SEO

When it comes to the power of SEO, it should never be underestimated. Results from the search engine determine the visibility of your website to visitors and potential clients. However, Search Engine Optimization takes a number of tactics and methods to work. VR Metro knows about the importance of search engine optimization, but many people do not, especially in this day and age. So, what are the essentials of SEO development? Furthermore, how powerful can SEO truly be?

The Power of SEO

When SEO is implemented properly, it can be a powerful marketing tool. First of all, SEO can increase your visibility and ranking for search results. Visibility is essential for a business. On search engines that means your site garners multiple impressions from a whole host of relevant keyword searches. If your website has poor or no optimization, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will be unable to pick them up, or at least not at the level you would like. However, competent SEO can boost your website’s positioning for relevant searches and put the people you want to visit on your path. It’s a numbers game, but maybe not the numbers you normally think of.

Proper SEO also increases website traffic, more importantly, it increases the right traffic. That is why you need to dedicate time to performing the best SEO practices. Furthermore, raising your ranking with SEO will increase your website’s Page Authority (PA). Authority becomes an important factor for search engines as more people are searching for websites that are trustworthy and relevant to their searches. Since the beginning, it’s been known that “content is king,” and that is more important today than it has ever been. Content may take different forms and it is presented on a multitude of platforms, but you will find at the majority of traffic still comes down to search engines. Later we may address the wider scope of SEO, but for now, it is important to know that SEO has not lost its place when talking about your website. Here are just a couple of elements that when addressed specifically will help improve results from your website.


Originally, targeting a few keywords by putting them on your page and in your meta tags was the only way to improve your SEO ranking. You may be surprised to find out that to an extent this still can be true. However, the needle you have to thread is a lot narrower. Business is about solving problems. To do that you present and answer intelligent questions. By presenting that in a readable fashion (both to your visitors and the search engine robots), you may find some success. Choosing the right keyword (phrases) to target and monitor is very important. There are methods, strategies, and tools and for sure, and you can avail yourself of them. However, if you stay with answering questions and solving problems, then formatting your pages for SEO becomes a lot easier. Relevant URLs, Titles (meta and page), and proper headings will get you much of the way there.


Types of content reach beyond basic informative pages on your website. We would be remiss by not including them as a vital part of implementing proper SEO. Unique content not only can improve your ranking but also reach and engage. Granted developing the proper content and distributing it is a huge effort. Smaller businesses cannot manage the scope. However, adding or implementing them can be relatively simple and help in a big way. Focus again on your potential customers and narrow the scope to where it really makes sense for your business. Then, add some of these elements to your website or to Social media that in turn links to your website (and relevant copy).

  • Informative Videos
  • Blog posts
  • Social Media Posts
  • Infographics

These are just a few ways that you improve SEO and draw more people to your website. Starting out with the proper information and mindset can put you ahead of your competition. We like to get a baseline measurement and assessment of your business and the “state” of the SEO as it pertains to your website. We then craft a program that fits both your needs and budget in most cases.

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