Benefits Of VR Metro Web Hosting

Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting, there are a plethora of options to choose from. From large national companies to smaller more local companies, it is hard to decide which are the best fit for you. In addition to choosing a company, you also need to know what type of server you need for hosting. Would you need an Apache, NGINX, or a Windows server? Here at VR Metro, we take all the guesswork out for our clients.

Value-Added Web Hosting

Other companies once they have your account, throw your site on a server walk away and never help maintain it.  Here at VR Metro, we help maintain and update not only your site but also all our hosting servers. Our servers are updated and monitored to help maintain a stable working condition for your website. In addition to the hosting, we also help maintain and update your website as well.

WordPress, while an extremely popular platform, is vulnerable to hacking. That is why we help update and maintain all our WordPress sites for our clients.  This brings a mutual benefit to VR Metro as well as its clients. By maintaining the software and ensuring its safety it both protects your website as well as the servers the site is hosted on.  All of the servers are stored in a secure well cooled off-site facility. Also, the servers are well maintained as well as updated when needed.

VR Metro can provide you with your own virtual server or a shared hosting account to help save money, either way, we have the hosting options for you. Another great aspect of our web hosting is it can expand to help meet your needs as your company grows. Finally, contact VR Metro today to learn more about all of our hosting options available to you.


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