A moment with images

Cute Puppy

Pictures, we all love them on our websites, the more the better, or maybe not. The number one request to a web designer is to add more pictures to our site. Also the number one request from web designers is to have more images from the clients. Lets take a moment and talk about pictures.

Web Browsers

Web Browsers

Web browsers have been around for a long time. From AOL to Internet Explorer, there have been many versions of them.  There is definitely a top group of browsers followed by some more minor ones. IE, Firefox and Google Chrome seem to be the big three right now. Apple’s Safari is not far behind because […]

Cubecart Tutorial: Categories

Cubecart Categories

Before you start making categories of your products in Cubecart, take time to really plan out the order in which you want it to display. The navigation in Cubecart is based on your categories, so setting up your categories properly is an important step, that sometimes gets over looked.