Website Colors

In the early days of the internet, monitors were very limited to the number of colors they could display. Today, millions of colors can be displayed in their hi def glory. So, when designing websites, why do a majority of clients always pick the same color? Blue!

If you sat down and interviewed 100 web designers, and asked them, on the last 100 websites you have designed what is the primary color the client has chosen? Close to 95% would say blue. There is nothing wrong with blue, but when your top ten competitors all have blue sites, and yours is say a red or another color, do you not think it will help you stick out?

Now there are many reasons to go with blue (our own site is blue), blue is one of the most popular colors in the world and very gender neutral. Some of the most popular sites in the world use blue, like Facebook and Twitter.  Of course content in the end is king, if you offer the best content then that will over ride any color you choose.

I have an example of why, may be on your next website or redesign you may want to consider choosing a different color. If you are driving home, and you see a blue Ford Focus, a blue Ram truck and a hot pink Toyota Tundra, which one are you going to remember? Most likely the hot pink one. Now I am not saying you should have a hot pink website, but when looking at color options just keep an open mind to other colors!


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