To Be Unsecure or Secure

secure websites

It used to be if you have a shopping site, you need an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).  Now an SSL is a secure layer for a website, in most browsers, it appears as a padlock next to the address. This added layer of protection is there to protect your personal information as well as any payment information you submit to secure websites. Never give payment information to a website that is not secure. Of course these days, almost all websites want you to have some sort of account.

Most just want basic information like an email and password, but it would more secure if that site has an SSL. Now to the average visitor, this means to be smart and not to give your info to any site, but what does that mean to a website owner?

Secure Websites and Your Options

As a website owner, there are benefits besides security for you to have an SSL. The first is offering your customers a secure site gives them a piece of mind that their information is safe. Also, it encourages them for repeat business. The second benefit is Google now puts an emphasis on sites that are secure. That is right, for better placement for searches, sites with the https are put ahead of sites without.

Now this advantage is not super huge, but it is an advantage none the less. As a website owner, you should take the steps to make sure your site is secure. Unfortunately, most hosting companies charge for the SSL. It is usually not drastic but it is more than a basic site. There are services out there such as Cloudflare, that offer a certain layer of secure protection, but they may charge now as well.

Along with the SSL you should take steps to secure your whole site from hackers and such. We have an article on securing a WordPress site right here. If you need help with an SSL or securing your site, contact VR Metro today. We can help you with the pitfalls and strategies you should take with securing your site.

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