Layouts, Edits and Budgets

Layouts, Edits and Budgets

When it comes to working with a company to get your new website designed and built, there are some factors from each side that needs to be considered. As a business owner looking to get your site built, before ever talking to web design firm consider some of these factors such as budget. The first […]

On Site or Remote Work Benefits of Both Options!

On Site or Remote Work

Every day, technology opens the door more and more for people to work from home. Also other locations other than the office at work. With occupations like web development or search engine optimization, anyone with a internet connection and a laptop can work remotely. On site or remote work can benefit the company and the […]

Developing Test Themes With XAMPP

  No matter if you develop for ASP, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or just PHP, a developer needs a test site/server to develop their sites. Developing live on the actual site is never a good idea no matter the size of the site. That is where XAMPP comes in, XAMPP is a personal test server you […]