Layouts, Edits and Budgets

Budgets and layouts for web projects.

When it comes to working with a company to get your new website designed and built, there are some factors from each side that needs to be considered. As a business owner looking to get your site built, before ever talking to web design firm consider some of these factors such as budget.

The first factor before ever talking to anyone about your site, is budget. Research how much you are willing to spend and keep in mind how important the web has become as far as advertising. The first impression people see of your business now is usually on the web. Do you really want cousin Jimmy throwing you a site together for $300 because he had one semester of school?

The next thing to consider is time. Building the website is going to take time, but it also going to take your time as well. You cannot expect a web developer to know your whole business. It is hard to build you an excellent site from scratch without help from you.

Before meeting with the firm, know what kind of site you are looking for, what colors you like and your logo. By doing things in advance you save the firm time and they do not have to charge you to figure those out. Walking into a meeting and saying I don’t know what I like, but I will know it when I see it, is not acceptable.

By not knowing what you are after it forces the web designer to guess, and what they might find appealing, you might not like. So having a good starting point with your general ideas to begin with saves time and money. Of course the designer will have input to help you decide on proper choices.

Images and Content While Considering Budgets

Once a design is agreed upon and your site is being built, images and content are always going to be needed. Now if you have an old site, most of the content from that site can be transferred over.  But keep in mind most of that is old and out dated to begin with and that is why you are getting a new site.

Web Developers can use stock images, but they can get costly and they really do not represent your business. Taking nice photos of your products and business is always recommended. Or you can hire photographers for even better images.

The content is always an interesting situation. Developers do not know your business nearly as well as you do. So for more accurate and reliable information on your site you should consider writing the content. You could also have someone at your business write the content. Firms can come up with content, but for example, content on galvanized pipes might be more accurate if someone in the industry wrote it.

One major caution on images and content, do not steal it from other sites. That is a big no no for search engines. Plagiarizing someone else content never helps your site. So when meeting with a firm for a new website you should:

  • Have a budget
  • Know what you are looking for design wise
  • Have the ability to get images and content
  • Work with the developer to save time.

By working together with your web designer you can save time and money. For an estimate on a new website design, call us at 734-729-7082 or fill out our easy quote form today!

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