Web Traffic Boosts and Bad Sources

In today’s world, everyone wants a quick solution.  This pill will make you skinny, this ticket will make you rich, and so on. But in reality, everything takes time and hard work. So when it comes to web traffic boosts do not fall for the scams. Web Traffic Boosts – Consider The Source There are […]

Goodbye Westland, Hello Canton

For over 23 years VR Metro’s main office was located in Westland, Michigan. While we all enjoyed our time in Westland, it is now time to find new opportunities in the city of Canton. Of course, we still service many great businesses located in Westland such as: Mr. Muffler Phase III Construction Hair Mechanix And […]

Sunnen Products Company

We have worked with VR Metro for several years in the areas of web development and search engine marketing.  Randy and Steve are real pro’s and have done an excellent job on everything we have thrown their way…they just take the ball and run with it. We are very satisfied with their work, but just […]