Web promotion spending or Internet marketing budget

Web Promotion Spending

What is in your Internet marketing budget?

Thousands of businesses (some of them our own clients) pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month on pay per click adwords. Google, Yahoo, Bing all offer them. Billions of dollars per year are now spent on online advertisement and promotion, and for good reason. Search engines provide the unique opportunity for small and medium sized businesses to advertise and promote their businesses. It gives them the ability to compete with larger businesses (competitors), while spending far less. What are you spending on Internet marketing or website promotion?

If your all or most of your Internet marketing expenditures go to adwords, consider allocating some of that cost to organic or “natural” search engine results. You will spend less and get more in the longer term. If you don’t use adwords and want to compete with competitors that do, then you should work on your organic search engine positions. Spending time on increasing web site traffic and producing more leads can be done effectively by increasing your “relevant” search result placements. It’s a fact. When done right, web promotion that naturally increases your web site recognition will produce more and keep growing. It doesn’t get “turned off” like an adwords campaign.

Any company with over a decade in experience should know they have to keep up on all the trends and changes. The methods do change, and what worked before doesn’t necessarily work now. The main objective however remains pretty much the same; increase you website’s visibility on search engines. Make this an integral part of your Internet marketing strategy and set a budget. You may want to start with a push and then work on it on a monthly or quarterly basis. Any web promotion or Internet marketing strategy that is presented to you (at least in the current climate), should incorporate several different elements. Our basic strategy uses at least 5.

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