Are you a domain collector?

A few of us here at the VR Metro office were shooting the breeze the other day talking about how we or our significant others collect or did collect stuff (basically useless junk was the consensus). Stuff like; Pogs, Beanie Babies, Webkins and to a lesser extent (in my mind anyway); baseball cards, comics and video games.  I’m guessing you can probably guess the gender and age mix of our office by now.

That made me wonder just how many people are domain collectors in the same sense. I mean there was a domain craze in and around the .com boom time and it sure seems to be perpetuated with the introduction and sale of the newest and hottest TLD, right?

Of course many of us purchased domains for business and needed to cover all of our bases or for an idea that was/is going to be the next greatest thing. But why do we keep on renewing them.. Joe? Someday we’ll need them and they won’t be available right?

Of course we don’t do that (ahem…., unless they are great SEO landing sites/pages right?  We’ve got others like, kept because its the first domain we registered for our video stores in the mid 90’s, or which has a long and storied past (and is actually worth something).

Yeah, we are collectors and I guess it really doesn’t matter what medium.



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