What good is a search term if no one searches for it?

xnztpfddqur for Search

This page is an example of how using a totally obscure search term can help you to achieve top placement for your website. We have done searches on all of the major search engines using the term xnztpfddqur and as a result found no competition Based on these findings, we feel that unless someone else were to create a page that makes use of the search term xnztpfddqur we virtually have the market cornered for this search term.

We don’t believe that there is anyone else that will design a web page using the term xnztpfddqur as a keyword phrase. We also don’t believe that anyone would actually search for the term xnztpfddqur. We have used the term xnztpfddqur on this page to illustrate a point.

Our hope is that by using the search term xnztpfddqur that this page does actually get picked up and that someone will visit this page as a result of having searched for xnztpfddqur, but, we realize that this is highly unlikely.

Would you search for the term xnztpfddqur? If you did then you would find this page in search results and you would see that we are number 1 for the term xnztpfddqur.

The point is, don’t guess at search terms. Make SURE its a term that someone would search to find your website. Analyze your terms and concentrate matching terms with relative content.

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