Tridan Michigan and Nationwide Suppliers

Tridan Michigan

Tridan Michigan and nationwide suppliers of equipment for HVAC systems. Tridan provides equipment used to create HVAC systems such as air conditioning units. Their machines can handle fin production, tube fabrication, coil expansion and microchannel tube processing. In addition to these machines, they also have lubricants and offer special design machines to fit your needs.

Tridan is located in Danville, Illinois, but they have been supplying locations in Michigan and all over the world. When it comes to building an HVAC system, Tridan equipment is your first choices.

HVAC System Suppliers Michigan

Tridan has been servicing companies since the 1966 and offers some of the most reliable equipment around. In addition to quality equipment, Tridan offers parts and service for all their equipment. Also, they pride themselves on full customer satisfaction, you can call the parts department at 217-554-7532. With Tridan equipment you can rest easy knowing you own some of the most durable and reliable equipment on the market today.

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