CDN And The Benefits Of Them


What is a CDN you may ask?  CDN stands for Content Delivery Network.  There are quite a few of these networks available today such as Amazon CloudFront, Fastly, Microsoft Azure, Cloudflare, and many more. What these networks do is help websites run faster. Also, they provide other services essential to keeping your site up and running. When you build a website it is hosted o a computer which is called a server.

When you visit the website from your home on your computer, it then pulls data from the server to your home. What the network does is work as a middle man essentially. So instead of going all the way to the server when you visit a site, you pull the information from their server which makes the session faster. In addition, these services offer other beneficial options as well.

CDN Features

Caching is a term you may hear quite a bit when it comes to the web. Even your local browser has a cache built-in. The cache is like a memory system, which helps reduce the time of loading.  Cloudflare for example, cache a version of your website on their server, which then makes it load after to the users. Other services available are SSL and DNS options.  SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is a level of security on your site to help make all transactions secure.  Most likely if you have bought anything with a padlock in the address bar that is SSL.

DNS is used for your domain name. DNS is very important when it comes to pointing your site to the right files and setting up your emails. At VR Metro, we use Cloudlfare for our CDN. We have a long working relationship with Cloudflare and we can help it really benefit your business. Finally, contact us today about all your web options and how we can help!

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