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You have chosen to have a custom song created. Tell us about this occasion, with some personal information about the person that your song is dedicated to. We'll write a song for you and your special occasion from the information that you provide. This will be a one of a kind song, dedicated to that special person or situation.

What is the occasion for giving this song?
A brief description, such as the recipients Eye Color, Hair Color, Height, is helpful for us to prepare for the custom creation of your song
Please include the reason that you are having this custom song created
What is the name of the person receiving the song?
If the pronunciation of the receivers name is unusual or can be pronounced more than one way please spell it phonetically (Example; Charese- Sha-reese)
Is the person receiving the song male or female?
What is the name of the person giving the gift song?
The pronunciation of the sender's name
How long have the person sending and the person receiving the gift song been friends (enter number of years or months)?
Which term best describes the receiver of the gift song?
Does the person sending the gift song live a long distance from the person receiving the song?

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