Web Traffic Boosts and Bad Sources

Web Traffic Boosts and Bad Sources

In today’s world, everyone wants a quick solution.  This pill will make you skinny, this ticket will make you rich, and so on. But in reality, everything takes time and hard work. So when it comes to web traffic boosts do not fall for the scams.

Web Traffic Boosts – Consider The Source

There are a lot of companies out there that will promise you tons of traffic in a few short days. There are legitimate ways to do this such as AdWords from Google, Bing, or other legit sources.  In general, to obtain good organic traffic that remains with your site you need good SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This means optimized pages and posts, correct titles, backlinks, and much more.

A well-balanced optimized site with current content being added on a regular basis will start to build traffic. In addition, having quality backlinks will help drive traffic as well, but all this takes time. Nothing will happen overnight.

Black Hat Sources

Google and other search engines will mark your site down if you use Blackhat tatics.  If you have ever visited Fiverr and there is someone on there promising you 1000 backlinks for $5, then they are most likely using Blackhat tactics that could potentially penalize your website.  Another one that we have seen over the years is sites like Gamma Trafic.

They use bots to produce traffic to your site but the traffic is essentially useless. These are not potential customers wanting to buy your products, these are just bots visiting your site. There is no reason to use this service other than to impress someone with your bump in traffic.

These are just a few of the strategies that companies use to boost your traffic that will not help you. Finally, contact us today and we can show you the correct route and procedures you need to take to boost your web traffic!

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