Social Media Marketing Management

Social Media

Many of our clients are aware of the rapid changes and the absolute need to incorporate Social Media into their marketing strategy. Most of them (and us too by the way) are just not able keep up with it the way that it should be. We have people here that understand it very well and are consulting and helping clients with their strategies.

We are setting them up, giving them instructions and in a several cases we are helping them implement a routine that is targeted and effective. Like us, a majority of small businesses are behind and sorely lack a strong and consistent social media website strategy. It’s not just about knowledge, it’s about time!

There’s a saying one of the guys here has been touting for years. “You can eat an elephant by doing it one bite at a time” Well, I’m sure we could punch a few holes in that, but the fact is we can manage and make effective use of Social Media as a small business by not trying to do too much all at once.

Even with limited resources in time and money, there are ways we can get a real return on our investment in social media marketing. Part of our strategy for clients is to offer them consulting time on social media marketing and management as a part of a bigger and time proven SEO / website promotion strategy. Building SEO / website promotion into the social media strategy may not be sexy, but it sure has teeth.

We spend a few hours a month working with them or their assigned people in managing their social media marketing; training at first then targeting and tweaking to add and improve campaigns that increase interactivity and traffic to their website and business. For ourselves we are evaluating several different Social Media management programs and assigning three different people from different areas to each take a few bites out of that elephant.

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