Review or Not to Review!


You see reviews everywhere, shopping sites, social sites, Google, Yelp and everywhere else. But when reading reviews, how do you look at them? Do you take one star or five stars as gospel, or do you average it more in your head?

Is there really ever a situation when a company or product deserves the worst review? Well of course, but probably not nearly as often as you will read on websites. When reading reviews I usually ignore most one-star reviews and five stars and figure the most real reviews are the two through four.

If a product does receive mostly negative reviews then you can probably assume that they are telling the truth.  Another aspect of negative reviews people should keep in mind, is sometimes the reviewer has an ax to grind with something that entirely has nothing to do with the actual product.

I have read reviews on Amazon where certain products received a very negative review because UPS damaged the box, not Amazon, even though Amazon replaced the item. I have also seen where customers threaten site owners to give them the discount they want or they will purposely give bad reviews online.

Reputation Management

Those are extreme examples but you would be surprised how many times we have seen this. As a business owner, how can you combat this? Our best advice is to hire a company that can help you with reputation management. If not at the very least answer these negative responses with a professional response so you give the impression that you are a caring company that has it’s customers best interest in mind.

Either a customer or a business owner, keep in mind that reviews can influence future customers. So what is your strategy when it comes to reviews? Let us know in the comments below!


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