Dynamic To Top Plugin

Dynamic To Top Plugin

You ever read a really long web page or a blog, and have to scroll all the way back up to the top to see the one thing you missed? A really long page can scare off readers from time to time, so to make it more convenient on them, I would like to offer some advice.

If your website or blog is run on WordPress, there is a terrific plugin that helps remedy a long page problem. Sure you could cut your page over several pages, but there is no garuntee the reader would be willing to do this. A nice alternative to this is the Dynamic “To Top” Plugin.

The Dynamic “To Top” Plugin helps make it easy to scroll to the top of long pages. The plugin is really easy to install and run. Simple type Dynamic “To Top” Plugin in the plugin search option, find it on the list and click install then activate. That is it! That simple! No settings to mess with and no code to touch.

The plugin adds a small black circle with a white up arrow, in the bottom right side of your website. To scroll back up you simply click the circle. I can not recommend this plugin enough, simple, easy and a cinch to install. Give it a try on your blog, your readers will thank you for it!

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