Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center

Until VR Metro was referred to us by a marketing expert we had hit a plateau.  With VR Metro’s support and suggestions we were able to get our business to grow again.  The company is run very professionally and working with the staff is very comfortable.  They took the time to understand our business and […]

IT Continuing Education and Training

Meta Descriptions

In any IT field, such as web development, app development, or many others, the technology is always changing. Sometimes it feels like it is changing daily. It can feel like a full time job just to stay on top of all. I always get asked how do you stay on top of some of the […]

Troubleshoot and Troubleshoot

In this day and age every device can do everything, your phone can browse web and receive emails, same with your tablet and each one of these devices have settings. We all know what a pain email can be. How about other apps or cool features? If not set just right, everything goes wrong. We […]