Web Browsers

Web Browsers

Web browsers have been around for a long time. From AOL to Internet Explorer, there have been many versions of them.  There is definitely a top group of browsers followed by some more minor ones. IE, Firefox and Google Chrome seem to be the big three right now. Apple’s Safari is not far behind because […]

Benefits of WordPress


Back in the day, when a business needed a website, they would go to a web developer and pay them to build a website. That website was built usually in HTML, PHP or other coding. Once the site was built it was next to impossible to edit pages for the site owner. So the site […]

Google Tools

Google Analytics

Today I wanted to take the time to point out two important tools for placement and stats on search engines. I am talking about Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Some of you may know what I am talking about and others may not. Hopefully this article can help give you a better understanding on […]