4 Reasons Google May Not be Listing Your Site

1) Your site hasn’t been found by Google…Yet

Have you created or submitted a site map? Is your site map working incorrectly?  Is your site new? Google probably has not have had the chance to index your site yet.  These are all things that can contribute to Google indexing your site incorrectly or not listing your site. You can request that Google index your site here.

2) Content, Content, ContentGoogle May Not be Listing Your Site

Is your site replete with the same content over and over again? Google does not like this at all. Repeat content can confuse Google’s crawlers to the point that they give up on you and don’t index your site. Delete all of that duplicate content that’s ruining your site. It is important to incorporate professional SEO into your content to boost your Google positioning.

3) Site isn’t working properly

Your site could not be working properly for a variety of reasons. On the developer’s side, JavaScript or AJAX is not as easy to read as HTML which can cause the pages to not be properly indexed. The answer could be in the code. A “NOINDEX” in your meta tag will tell Google’s crawlers to not index your site. Has a developer or editor accidentally blocked your site using robots.txt? These can be easily fixed if you use the right web developer.

4) Google gave you the boot!

Once you are indexed, it is possible to get kicked off. Not adhering to Google’s Webmaster’s Guidelines will cause Google to penalize you.

Three quick ways to get penalized:

  • Buying or selling links to boost your site’s ranking
  • Cloaking or presenting different content to search engines and human visitors to your site
  • Publishing content that is generated automatically through RSS

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